New to Club Volleyball or just have questions in general? Below are a few of our most asked questions and hopefully we can answer them as well as possible!

1. When are tryouts?

  • Usually the first two weekends of November. Information is always posted on our website well in advance.

2. When do I find out if I made a team?

  • Usually within the same day or the following day depending on the amount of players at tryouts, space availability and needs of each club team.

3. How much are dues?

  • Dues vary from season to season and also vary upon Power League teams and Premier League teams. Our Power teams (travel teams) are higher dues then our Premier Teams (Local tournaments and minor travel) and we go over dues at parent meetings during tryouts.

4. What days are tournaments held on?

  • Most tournaments are Saturday and Sunday. Some tournaments can be three day events though for instance, Presidents Day Tournament. Power League tournaments are always one day tournaments except for Power League Championships that are typically two days.

5. How far do you travel?

  • Each season is different but most of our travel teams play about 9-10 tournaments throughout the season and are usually all Northern California and Nevada with our furthest travels to Las Vegas and Reno.

  • If Teams qualify for a National Bid, those teams will travel to compete in the National Event.

  • Premier teams play mostly all local area tournaments with the exception of a couple of out of town tournaments.

6. Are travel fees included in dues?

  • No. Travel fees are in addition to club dues and are the sole responsibility of the parents.

  • Players and their families are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from practices and tournaments.

7. How long is a season?

  • Practices start in December and tournaments start in January and run through May.

8. Are you affiliated with any School?

  • No. Our athletes play from all over the Central Valley.

9. When are practices?

  • This depends on the team but we usually practice twice a week and on multiple days due to availability of courts.

10. Are the tournaments free to attend?

  • Some tournaments require a wristband to enter the convention centers. Cost and deadlines are always emailed to parents in advance so that you can pick them up on the day of the tournament.

  • Parking for most convention centers is about $20 per day so plan ahead.

  • Power League/Premier League one day tournaments usually have no cost associated for the event.

11. Will my daughter grow as a volleyball player at PacPre?

  • Absolutely. We push our athletes to the next level by practicing hard and focusing on each players goals and strengths.